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Entrepreneurs who make it onto a 'Shark Tank' episode have the opportunity to introduce their company to a viewing audience of 7 million potential.

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Shark Stroytime : Sturdy for Common Things “SHARK! Get out of the water and into the library!” With the much anticipated 25th anniversary of The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week on the horizon, and since.

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Shark Tank: BootyQueen Apparel Accepts $250,000 Offer from. Next into the tank are Amanda and Steve Kuclo of BootyQueen Apparel, seeking $250,000 for 20 percent equity. BootyQueen Apparel offers high-quality fitness.

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How to Do a Smiley Face Sticking Out the Tongue on. In certain sections of Facebook, such as chats and messages, you can liven things up by adding smileys. Some basics include a simple smiley face, a face with glasses.

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